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Product Development

Product Development from Concept to Commercialization


Rapid Prototyping and Iterations of Device Concepts

Technology Project

Technology Projects with Product Development Efforts - Technology and Product Roadmapping


Critical Path

Manage and Reduce Critical Paths and Timelines


Due Diligence and audit


Inventions, Creative Ideas, and Innovation Solutions

Talent Development

Staff and Leadership Development

Cost Management

Cost Reduction and Continuous Improvement

Design Control

Design History Files

Project Management

Project and Program Management


Organizational Development and Transformation

Team Leadership

Team Leadership and Mentorship

NIH/Grant Writing


  • Expert tips, tricks, knowledge and support for what the true budget limits are, as well as success factors to make sure your grant is submitted, makes it into the system THE FIRST TIME, and also gets a great committee review.

  • Successfully wrote and submitted an NIH Phase I grant, and performed as Program Director for a novel medical technology, which received funding and completed the project.

  • Successfully wrote and submitted a Phase II Grant application

  • For both of the above, had a leading and key role in pulling the team together and authoring most of the documentation that was submitted.

  • Visits to the NIH in Wash DC to walk the halls, meet the people and learn the systems they use.

  • Attended a nationally based and internationally recognized conference and obtained slides and templates for how the top US government agency and other government granting agencies work and how to best guarantee successful submission results.

  • We have developed budget spreadsheets and templates  that are highly customized, yet easy to use, for helping to make sure your NIH grant application meets their guidelines while at the same time maximizes what your request can be as well as best guarantees the maximum flexibility.  Confused about Indirect vs Direct? Internal vs external? Overhead and F&A? salaries, fringe benefits, etc.? What are the true limits for your budget request? What line items are rigid vs. those that are flexible and easy to change during the course of your grant work.


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