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Gershon MedTech has led programs, products, and projects for clinical and medical industry that has sold for over $3 billion to date.  We have helped companies achieve significant organizational improvement through effective product development, program management, project streamlining, and organizational development and transformation (ODT). 

We have been a significant contributor to some of the top success stories including:

Guidant Vascular

$27 Billion Acquisition of Guidant Vascular by Abbott/BCSI 


  • As a Team Leader and Organizational Development and Transformation specialist, led a series of product, technology and process-based projects to help the company, its culture and systems transform to become the global leader in interventional cardiology.  The company grew from $200M to over $2B during the course of his employment there, and he was front and center on many fronts, technically and organizationally, working with some of the most amazing staff on the planet to make this happen. Within a short time of his leaving, ACS/GUIDANT was purchased by Abbott for $27B, which to this day, is the world record in medical device acquisitions.

  • Pioneered, designed and implemented a set of industry leading, Pre-Clinical Research tools and methodologies used by internal product development teams to transform our market share from 15% to well over 60%.  These included a perfused beating anatomical heart model and a simulated arterial model.

  • Hands on 1:1 and teamwork with the world’s leading interventional cardiologists doing product development and testing, Ethnographic Research, Appreciative Inquiry and User Needs Analysis to get their feedback and direction on product development needs and future direction.

  • Extensive use of exceptional Program Management techniques, Ethnographic Research, Appreciative Inquiry, and other leading edge Organizational Developmental and Transformational techniques to make all of this occur.



$725 million acquisition of St Francis Medical Technologies by Kyphon (later bought by Medtronic for $3.3 billion) 


  • Led and performed a complete reconstruction of the company’s Design History Files 2 months prior to an FDA Audit, which incidentally, was attempting to shut the company down due to some patient deaths (which were soon clearly shown were not at all due to the company’s product).

  • Within 4 months of my starting, the company went through a round of competitive bidding which resulted in a purchase by Kyphon for $725M (a record for spine/orthopedic companies in the Bay Area), which was then 6 months later purchased by Medtronic for $3.3B.


Channel Medsystem


Cofounder, Minimally Invasive Ablative Technology


  • Working 1:1 with the physician founder, helped to hand design, invent, hand build and hand test in animal studies a novel catheter based ablation system.  Worked closely with various contract manufacturers to help build the devices on less than a shoe-string budget.

  • Company successfully received VC funding, and has since moved the technology into clinical trials.


N-Spine (bought by Syntes, then Johnson and Johnson)

$40 - $80 million acquisition of N-Spine by Synthes


Led and performed Design Control activities and Design History File work, as well as Program Management and invention support.  2 months later the company was purchased for $40-80M by Synthes.


Co-Founder for several medical device start-ups including:

  • Channel Medsystems 

  • PhysioCue 

  • BE Technologies

NIH Funding for Medical Device Start-Ups


  • Successfully wrote and submitted an NIH Phase I grant, and performed as Program Director for a novel medical technology, which received funding and completed the project. 

  • Successfully wrote and submitted a Phase II Grant application

  • For both of the above, had a leading and key role in pulling the team together and authoring most of the documentation that was submitted.

  • Visits to the NIH in Wash DC to walk the halls, meet the Program Directors and Section Heads, and learn the systems they use.

  • Attended a nationally based and internationally recognized conference and obtained slides and templates for how the top US government agencies and other government granting agencies work, and how to best guarantee successful submission results.

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