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Mentoring at the 2021 Harvard Medical School and MIT Medical Hackathon for Diabetes Type 1

I was very excited and feeling privileged to be invited back to help with this! Especially for something as critical and important as Type 1 Diabetes.

The program is a hybrid virtual/in-person format at the Gordon Hall, Harvard Medical School on October 30-31, 2021. Winners will have the opportunity to present their innovations to Roche and Novo Nordisk executives, and will be supported by the GC-CDiC to design and scale their innovation.

What does a Hackathon and group brainstorming process look like in the age of digital technology and remote log in? Well see how the Harvard Medical School and MIT group organized us. Many of us were in a large executive conference room, and others of us were remote, and others did a combination of both!

Here we are working via Zoom Defining and Discussing the Program:

And here we are still on Zoom, but also working collaboratively via Slack:


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